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What a hoot!


As I have said in a previous post, it has been super hot here in the Sonoran Desert. Yesterday, in the foothills of the Tumacacori Mountains, it was a blistering 110F ! I was planning another session with my “batcam” rig at the hummingbird feeders, but technical difficulties presented themselves (I tripped over a power cord and knocked the whole thing down.), so I opted to set up one of my Bushnell Trophy cams overlooking the fountain. Am I glad I did. I’ve been hearing this beautiful bird for a few nights now, but I never thought I’d capture him on video. Imagine my surprise when I downloaded this clip!


Great Horned owls are the largest species of owl in the Sonoran Desert. At over 2 feet tall and weighing about 3 lbs, this stealthy predator rules the night skies around these parts. I have read that these birds have a crushing power of 2-300 lbs. Compare that with an adult human hand at just 60 lbs.! Now I don’t know how reliable these reports are but I would not volunteer myself as a test subject.Their diet consists of small mammals, birds, and reptiles but they have been known to take ducks and chickens and cats if they are not sheltered at night. There wings have developed special adaptations that enable them to fly almost soundlessly in search of prey. There eyes are almost the size of humans. They have binocular vision which allows them to see in very low light and can turn their heads 270 degrees. Both males and females feed their young. They are not on the endangered species list and are doing quite well. I found these nice owl photos on the Firefly Forest website taken in not so far away Tucson.


Here is another one of my baby owls.


Tom Arma's baby owl costume for his "Please Save the Animals series."



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